Friends of Collon Church

Registered Charity Number 20152826

Friends of Collon Church was set up to help maintain and repair historic Collon
Church. The Church is a prominent landmark building in Collon village. The Friends
group is a cross community organisation including people of all denominations who
wish to maintain and secure this building, so important to the identity and history of
Collon village. The building has recently been upgraded to national importance in the
National Inventory of Architectural Heritage.

In 2018 we were awarded a grant under the Town and Villages Scheme run by Louth Co
Council to replace the outer slate roof. This was completed in 2020, and the original parapet stones were replaced over the east window.

In 2021 a further grant was awarded under the Historic Structures Fund run by Louth Co
Council to repair the internal antique plaster. This work is ongoing in 2022.

Thank you for your continued support over the last couple of years. To cover the
extra costs of repairing the decayed timber, repointing the parapets and completing
other work the Friends would really appreciate any further donations large or small before the end of December 2022. It will be in really good cause, and help preserve this historic landmark building for future generations.

Donations can be made in person or by post to Collon House, or by account transfer
Friends of Collon Church Ltd
IBAN: IE66 AIBK 9324 5093 0940 30
  • Interior
  •  East Front
    East Front
  • splendid ceiling
    splendid ceiling
  • stained glass East Window designed by Louisa Catherine Beaufort
    stained glass East Window designed by Louisa Catherine Beaufort
  • Russian Orthodox headstones
    Russian Orthodox headstones
  •  splendid ceiling
    splendid ceiling
collon church of ireland louth

Collon Church is an eccentric and engaging building.  We happen to know a great deal about the church whether by studying the building on its own; studying the buildings associated with it; or studying the large amount of surviving original documents relating to it.  The church is a continuously evolving archive that allows one to construct a living history of life in Collon, County Louth and Ireland in general in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.  It is hoped that those entrusted with Collon Church will secure its future for the benefit and enjoyment of generations to come.

John Rountree is a local historian from outside Ardee, County Louth

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